Have you experience in the ground engineering or the drilling industry? Then you have come to the right place!

Why work with us?

Here are a few reasons why we think we are a great company to work for:

Why Work 1
Work-life Balance

We expect employees to have a great work ethic. This is generously rewarded and appreciated but we don’t expect people to overwork. We encourage leaving work on time and calls outside of working hours are only for emergencies. We promote a healthy work-life balance with ample annual leave and lucrative benefit packages, enabling staff to perform to the best of their ability.

Why Work 2
Training & Career Development

We have a comprehensive training and career development program for employees at all levels. We believe investing time and money in our people pays dividends in the long run & improves employee retention. We also participate in team building activities outside of the workplace, so people get to know each other outside of a work environment.

Why Work 3

Meehan Drilling is committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised. Working for us means you will be working with a company who takes their responsibility to protect natural resources very seriously.

Why Work 4

Would you like to be part of a diverse company who strives to create a work environment that encourages new ideas, innovations and growth? We provide a safe, fair and stimulating workplace and we encourage employees to make a meaningful contribution to the overall company performance. We are open to new ideas and suggestions on how to improve our business.

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