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Meehan Drilling have been drilling water wells for over 45 years. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment. This coupled with our expertise and technical skill ensures that we can provide clients with a professional and efficient service.

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Industry Sectors

We have extensive experience of drilling in all types of ground conditions. We operate in three industry sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Domestic

Our Services

  • Feasibility Assessment

    A feasibility assessment will aim to identify the viability of abstracting groundwater for potable use. We use site-specific information to develop an understanding of an annual water demand as well as possible peaks and troughs, e.g. daytime vs. night-time use. Where possible, water bills and meter data will also be reviewed in order to help provide a fuller understanding of site requirements. We’ll produce a detailed, independent report into the feasibility of groundwater abstraction at the site, plus any associated risks and costs.

  • Water Supply

    Drilling your own well can offer these benefits:

    • Cost savings
    • Sustainable supply
    • Constant temperature
    • Independent from mains supply, therefore unaffected by price hikes.

    We offer a full turnkey service – from ground to tap in order to make sourcing your independent water supply hassle-free, and ensure all elements of the process (design, drilling, pumping and treatment) are implemented in a professional and safe way.

  • Geothermal (Ground Source)

    Geothermal simply means ‘Earth’s heat’. The upper 3 metres of the Earth’s surface stays at a constant 10-16C throughout the year and this heat can be utilised to heat and cool buildings. A heat pump can extract the grounds’ heat and transfer it into a building for heating and cooling. We drill geothermal boreholes, install collector loop probes and grouting of same.

  • Geotechnical & Site Investigation

    Geotechnical drilling is critical for the accurate and safe design of the construction of bridges, roadways/motorways, buildings and mines. Our site investigation and geotechnical services cover trial pits, rotary percussive, rotary coring and dynamic probing. This enables us to gather data via:

    • Loose samples
    • Cored samples
    • Screened monitoring holes for static level water quality testing and observation.
    • Dynamic cone penetrometer testing
    • Window sampling

    All services are backed by lab testing of overburden. Plus, we can deliver a detailed report on completion of works.

  • Mineral Exploration

    We offer diamond core drilling services – the most frequently used style of mineral exploration. The technique produces a solid core sample that is extracted and retrieved to surface for examination. Coring can be provided in a range of sizes from NQ (47.6mm core) to PQ (85mm core) and can be carried out via vertical or slant holes to a depth of 1200m.

  • Foundation Piling

    Our dual rotary rig excels in heaving, water-bearing formations where there is potential for boreholes to collapse. The rig can penetrate where piling hammers and augers fail – which is especially important when bridge supports must be drilled beyond the overburden and seated into bedrock. It can seat casing into bedrock without fracturing the surrounding formation. The independent top-drive allows the drill string to advance ahead of the casing to create a deep rock socket.

    We provide piling for:

    1. Harbour/pier construction
    2. Bridge supports
    3. Dam construction and rehabilitation
    4. Tie-back holes
    5. Secant piles
    6. Rock sockets
  • Ground De-Watering & Ventilation

    We have a broad range of drilling equipment allowing installation of dewatering wells in any formation - natural or made up-ground. We offer a range of de-watering methods:

    • Deep well
    • Well point
    • Ejector well
    • Horizontal wells

    To meet all dewatering operations, we also stock:

    • Pumps
    • Pipework
    • Flow meters
    • V-notch tanks
    • Power cables
  • Borehole Refurbishment

    We deliver a wide range of borehole refurbishment services which include:

    1. Pre and post CCTV surveys and water sampling.
    2. Mechanical scrubbing, milling and replacement of well liners.
    3. Organic chemical treatment to remove mineral build-up.
    4. Air development to remove turbidity/sediment.
    5. Refurbishment of down-hole equipment –submersible pumps, run-dry systems, pump raisers, clamping systems and probes.

  • Well Abandonment/Decommissioning

    We are highly experienced in ensuring that redundant boreholes are made safe. We ensure they are structurally stable and backfilled or sealed to prevent groundwater pollution and flow of water between different aquifer units.

  • Hydro-Fracturing

    In this process we inject high-pressure water into the bedrock formation immediately surrounding the well, in order to boost the yield of current wells with insufficient production rates. It is also used for older wells with decreased production owing to incrustation or mineralisation of existing bedrock fractures.

  • Grouting Services

    We carry out borehole and pipeline duct grouting. The grout can be a combination of standard Portland cement, bentonite powder, rapid hardener and water. Boreholes can be grouted via a tremmie in the well annulus, cement head and pump plugs or via the cement string technique.

  • CCTV Borehole Survey

    We can carry out CCTV surveys of monitoring wells and boreholes to a depth of 1,000ft. The surveys provide factual evidence of the borehole construction, including actual drilled depth, casing depths, changes in the bedrock formation and fractures/faults in the formation. CCTV is also ideal for troubleshooting borehole issues with a system that can record horizontal images, vertical images and depth. This can be displayed on a DVD for off-site viewing.

  • WADI Survey

    Effective water development programs must include carefully conducted geological and geophysical investigations. Our wadi instrument finds useful quantities of groundwater that may be trapped in fractures and cavities. Although wadi can’t guarantee the quantity of groundwater, the very low frequency principle on which it is based has an excellent track record when it comes to finding useful volumes of water in hard rock.

  • Pump Installation & Service

    We can recommend the most appropriate pumping system for your needs and can design and supply the ideal specification. We also offer maintenance contracts and we carry a stock of spares on site.

  • Pump Testing

    In order to determine the volume that can be pumped from a well, the well is pumped at a controlled flow rate. The drawdown is measured in the main well and the surrounding monitoring wells. The gathered test data is used to estimate the hydraulic properties of the aquifers, evaluate well performance and identify aquifer boundaries. Our pumping tests include constant rate tests, step tests and recovery tests.

    Water samples will be collected during the test in line with drinking water and groundwater regulations. An independent laboratory will analyse the chemical and microbiological parameters and issue a full report.

  • Water Treatment

    It is important that water is safe for consumption and the intended use, so we offer a full range of solutions to most water problems including:

    • Water softeners
    • pH correction
    • Odour removal
    • Bacteria removal
    • Sediment/colour filtration